Thursday, July 26, 2012

At long last...a new post

What a month we have had!  The day after Shop Hop my mom went in for hip replacement surgery.  It has been a challenge but she is doing GREAT now.  All my energy has been spent helping her and trying to keep all the people who have been coming and going fed and cared for...and being fed and cared for by the wonderful people in my world.
Now that she is doing so well it's time to create some fun stuff!  Here are some pictures of what I have been working on . 

A new Snowman Ornament from Country Friends.  It is July so it is time to start getting some new Christmas samples made.  I think he is quite dashing.

 The bottom half of Crabapple Hill Studio's "Gardener's Alphabet".  I ordered a lovely green leaf print for the border.  I think I will do the embellishing stitches on it now before I sew the top half on.  Of course, I haven't got the embroidery done yet on A to L, but it should be ready for Spring.  Note:  I didn't say WHICH Spring!
 And here are a few pictures of "Vintage Rouge" from Vicki Bellino.  I do enjoy English Paper Piecing, but it is going to take me a while.  I decided that perhaps it was a bit foolhardy to start two such time consuming quilts at the same time...

 I love these new "Noah's Ark prints, and of course, I just happen to have the cutest Noah's Ark stitchery pattern...

 Oops!  Sideways.  Oh, well-you can still see how pretty 3 Sister's new holiday line is.
 I have a plan for this line of fabric, also.  There is a really cute Little boy quilt in the new book called "Little Quilts 4 Little Kids".  Always good to have a plan, don't you think?  Even better when you have ALL the fabric and patterns for the Plan!

And here are some wonderful woodsy flannels that I don't actually have a plan for - yet.  But if I get caught up with EVERYTHING ELSE...

Thanks for having a peak at some of the new things happening at Folktales.  There is even more, so stop in and say hi and have a look at the rest.  Who knows what that nice UPS man will bring tomorrow?  In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and flowers.  

COSMO FLOSSES are beginning to trickle in.  I know some of you have been waiting a LONG time for some of the colors.  I am expecting another order towards the end of next week.  Send me an email if you want to know about the availability of specific colors.  At least things are starting to move again!  My email is:

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  1. lovin your blog! you will let us know when crabapple hill's MAN QUILT pattern is in, wont you? i can hardly wait! thought of that when i saw the fly fishing fabric!