Tuesday, July 2, 2019


My sincere apologies...it appears that on the first batch of pattern instructions the printer's missed a crucial page of instructions and I did not catch the error.  Here is the missing second page:

Sew one of these completed strips to the top of the block and one to the bottom of the block.

Your block should measure 18 1/2" square.


Pockets:  Sew on traced line.  Cut a scant 1/4" out around seam.  Clip curves and slit through one layer of each pocket,  Turn RSO and press.  Topstitch pockets to apron as shown on apron pattern template, leaving the top open.

Apron Tie:  Fold in half and sew along the 36" side of the strip and sew ends of the tie at a 45 degree angle, leaving a 2 to 3 inch space unsewn to turn the apron tie RSO.  Turn, press and set aside.

Ruffle:  Fold in half and sew the short ends of the ruffle RST.  Turn, press and sew gathering stitches along the raw edge of the ruffle.  Gather to 15".  Pin to the bottom edge of the apron front, RST, pinning ends of ruffle about 1/2" down from the top of the apron edges.  The ruffle should be up over the bottom of the apron at this point. Pin the second apron piece RST over this and sew along outside edges of apron, leaving the top edge unsewn.  Clip curves and turn RSO.  Press well and gather top of apron to 4".  Pin to cream print center of block, centered with sides and bottom of ruffle about 1" in from the edge (seamline) of the background fabric.  Pin in place and stitch the top gathered raw edge of the apron to the background fabric.  Stitch in the ditch on the seam attaching the ruffle to apron.  Center the apron tie over the top of the apron's gathered raw edge.  Pin over the gathers.  At the sides of the apron fold the ties behind the "waistband" so that you can tie a bow with the loose ends behind and above the apron.  Topstitch around all four sides of the waistband you have just created about 1/8" in from the edges, over the gathers and catching the ties as you go.  Start on the bottom edge of the waistband.  When you get to the top edge of the waistband you will have to ease in the extra fabric.

Trace the designs as pictured onto the muslin using an 01 or 005 brown pigma pen.  Color with Prisma Premier colored pencils.  After coloring, use blending stumps to blend the colors and set by painting with colorless extender.  When dry, heat set with iron on back of stitchery.  Crabapplehillstudio.com has a great tutorial on their website.

Again, I am so sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this oversight must have caused.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

SHOP HOP and ROW by ROW begin June 21st!

 This is our block for Shop Hop. 
 The fabric kit is $3.00 with buttons it is $5.00.

 I made "Sandy's Beach Bag" with my 
 Shop Hop Block as the outside pocket.   
This pattern is $10.00.  The kit is $46.95.  
 This beautiful wool runner from 
Primitive Gatherings is called 
"Bloom Where You are Planted".
The pattern is $9.00.  The kit is $48.00
Thank you, Caryn Faupel (BFF)
for stitching this one for me!
 This is a personal favorite of mine.
  The pattern is $8.00.  The kit is $26.95.
(sorry the picture isn't straight)
So Many other new beautiful samples, fabrics 
and patterns in the shop. 
  Hope you have a chance to stop by soon!

Monday, June 3, 2019


Here is my ROW BY ROW 2019 18" square block!
 ...and here is an option if you choose not to do the embroidery. 
 It just requires a fat quarter of fabric for the outer borders.
 It is still a ways away, but Christmas IS coming! 
 My dear friend Jill made these adorable ornaments for me with wool felt!  SO CUTE!!!  The pattern for ALL of them is $9.00.
 A new quilt from Whimsicals.  It is 42" x 35".  The pattern is $10.00.  The kit which includes the pattern and ALL the fabric with backing is $59.95.  Megan Best quilted it for $50.00.

Another cute wallhanging from Whimsicals.  The pattern is $10.00.  The kit, which includes the pattern and the backing is $39.95.  Megan also quilted this one for $50.00.

And one more using Whimsicals' adorable fabrics...this pattern, "Camping in Style",  comes from This and That.  It is 54" x 70".  The pattern is $5.00 and the kit is $76.95.  I think this would be a fabulous pattern to use with small stitcheries as the focal fabrics!

 I have a lovely selection of 60" wide Minkee
 for just $8.95 a yard! 
The colors did not show well in the photos but there is
okay, I don't know what happened to that photo but is a great color!   This special lasts as long as the fabric is in stock.  

This is the Spring panel from All Through the Night's 4 Season applique pattern.  Come into the shop to see the whole quilt!  The patterns for each season are $9.00.
 This is a pre-printed stitchery panel from French General.  There are 4 different pre-printed panels and they are only $4.50 each.  How easy is that?

 Here is my personal favorite..."WELCOME HOME" from Primitive Gatherings.  The banner pattern is $10.00.  The center "O" switches out with a new wool pattern for every month!  It can be made to hang-as shown on my front door-or as a table runner.  The patterns for the monthly mats are $7.00 each.  
The fabric kit for the cotton base is $45.95.
 Here are the finished "O" centers (so far)...six more to go!  Aren't they GREAT???

That is all for today but I am finishing up several other new projects AND there is 
SO MUCH NEW FABRIC in the shop that I will have to blog again soon!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

S P R I N G is HERE!!!!

Woo Hoo!!! Time to plant and weed and         enjoy the sunshine!  
These stitcheries are from Anni Downs' book     "A Gardener's Journal".
The book is $26.00.  The frame is              available for $29.95.
                              This is a fun stitchery from                  Plumcute designs.  The pattern is $10.00.

The Pattern Basket made a full size quilt pattern for these bunnies but I opted to make just one row for a table runner.  The pattern is $10.00.

GORGEOUS new fabrics from French General.  The precuts have also arrived...and are flying off the shelf - so if you want some HURRY IN!

Some Maywood Studio Basics used in Crabapple Hill's new "Summertime Kitchen" patterns.
And here are Crabapple's new 
"Summertime Celebrations" fabrics!
So cheery!
Can't wait to get started on the Block of the month from Crabapple Hill!  Each pattern is $10.00-there are 11 patterns in all.  The fabrics are here, almost all of the flosses are in stock and the colored pencils are on their way!
Started working on my Row by Row block.  I am going to do an 18" block for the "Taste the Experience" theme.
This year's Shop Hop has a Nautical theme so I have found some additional fabrics to play with that continue the theme.  Check out the website: washingtonquiltshophop.com
to get all the info.  Starts June 21st!
There is more fabric arriving DAILY!  There is a great new outdoor line with bear and deer...And a fabulous new line from Moda called Boro that is beautiful Indygos and tans...still waiting for the companion wovens to arrive.  So MUCH to see!  Hope you have a chance to take a break from all the ourdoor activities and stop in to see the new goodies in person!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

new fabrics!!!

 A lovely variety of new cottons!
Looks like summer to me!
 and Primitive Gatherings' "Stars and Stripes" classic beauties.
 and a breath of fresh spring air from 'Chez Moi's" new COCO line.

 And did I mention that new wools have arrived???   Just a few!  😁

Fat quarters, 10" squares, 5" squares, 8" pieces...in every color imaginable!  Oh, the projects we will make!

 Just gets the creative juices flowing, doesn't it?  There are abundant patterns to go along with these beautiful wools if you need some more inspiration!  Next post will have a finished wool quilt once Nikki Crisp does her quilting magic!  So many fun things to keep us busy while the weather keeps us indoors.