Tuesday, April 14, 2020

how I spent my "stay"cation...

I have 1/4" ELASTIC IN STOCK!!  
I have a basket out in front of the store with 2 yard lengths of it.  Help yourself to one if you are making face masks, 
compliments of Folktales. 
 If you need more than 2 yards give me a call:  360-354-0855, and I will have it ready for you to pick up.  The first 2 yards are free, after that it is $0.55 per yard.

Here is a new quilt from Kathy Schmitz.  More photos below.  Sorry, I didn't get them in order!
I finished this sweet wool wall hanging from Heart to Hand. 
 The pattern is $8.50 and 
the kit, which includes the pattern and all fabric is $45.00.
My dog and I took a hike in the Chuckanuts...
I worked on a Winter Quilt by Kathy Schmitz called Snowbound.  The pattern is $9.00.  The kit with the pattern and fabric, including the backing, is $75.00.  It finishes at 40 x 52".  I am 
hand quilting it.  Not quite finished, but getting close!

I started a brand new block of the month stitchery from Chickadee Hollow.  Each pattern is $8.00 and includes a PRE PRINTED, PRE COLORED 8 1/2" square fabric, all you have to do is start stitching!  I have not seen the finished quilt yet, but I have already come up with a few options when I finish the stitcheries!

Here is a picture of the preprinted fabric on the right, and my finished stitched block on the left.
I relaid all the bricks in front of the store to get them level again.  Oh, my aching BACK!

And I have made LOTS of MASKS!  I made my son a "Crown Royal" one.  I think he is even going to wear it!  If you have a Crown Royal bag I will turn it into a mask for you for $10.00.  I would tell him he needs a haircut, 
but I can't even nag him about that right now!
I am spending most of my mornings deep cleaning in the store.  Oh, the dust bunnies!!! SO if you need anything give me a call and we can arrange porch pick up (on my very level patio) or I can mail things out to you.  Still mailing to Canada, as well.  Fun new stuff keeps arriving and even without being in the shop all day I CAN'T KEEP UP!  I don't know how I will actually be able to run the business again!  But I will be 
SO VERY HAPPY to see all of you again!

I have a couple of quilts getting Nikki's magic quilting touch.  When they get back I will post pictures of them.  In the meanwhile, stay healthy and enjoy your sewing!