Thursday, August 6, 2015

This just in...

Here is the happy winner of the final gift basket from Folktales 20th Anniversary celebration.  Thanks to all of you who came in 
and joined the party!

 Kathy Schmitz' s newest fabric line for Moda, Sturbridge.  
LOVE her patterns that go with the new line.
 The fabric is $11.00 a yard.  The patterns below, Sawmill and Brimfield,  are only $4.00 each
 Layer Cakes or Charms and some binding and backing and that is all you need for these patterns!

And here are Kathy's stitchery patterns for her new "Sturbridge" Fabric line...These patterns are $9.00 each

 Here is Crabapple Hill's Snowglobe quilt - with just a few changes made to adapt it to my own personal taste!
 The original pattern set the snowglobes in a pink background.  I have a beautiful collection of snowglobes that my children have given me over the years but i do not decorate with pink so I set the globes in a 9 patch snowball pattern and decided to add the scalloped border to echo the round snowglobes.  This one I have claimed for myself to hang in the house during the holidays!

 (sorry, Josh, I couldn't help myself!)

The Block of the Month pattern set is $72.00.  The fabric kit with the alternative color choices is $155.00.  That includes the backing.  The flosses are sold separately.